Lenses in Focus: Transitions lenses

Transitions lenses adapt to changing light conditions to give you greater visual comfort in more situations than clear lenses. They respond to ultraviolet light levels, changing from clear indoors to dark outdoors in direct sunlight. When indoors or at night time, Transitions lenses are virtually as clear as an ordinary clear spectacle lens. Then when you go outside, they will darken to give you comfort from glare. On an overcast day outside they will go moderately dark, and on a bright sunny day they they go almost as dark as sunglasses when directly exposed to bright sunlight. This makes Transitions a convenient choice for wearers who have an active life outdoors but don’t want to carry around clear glasses and prescription sunglasses. No matter how dark or light they are, they always block ultraviolet light, giving you protection from UV radiation in all conditions. Transitions give you relief from eye fatigue; your eyes continually attempt to adjust to varying light conditions, but transitions lenses adapt to regulate the amount of light that reaches your eyes.

You may have seen Transitions’ humourous promotion “Live a Life Less Squinty” adorning many billboards and bus shelters in Brisbane.

The Transitions material is available in single vision lenses, as well as bifocals and progressive or multifocal lenses. Ask us at Bill Evans Optometrists if Transitions lenses would be beneficial in your next pair of spectacles.