Lenses in Focus: Crizal A2 multicoating

Crizal A2 multicoated lenses from Essilor are an excellent choice for wearers who want the benefits of a clearer, reflection free lens but have found their lenses difficult to keep clean. Reflections, smudges, scratches, dust and water drops can reduce the benefits of an anti-reflective coating. Your vision can be compromised resulting in visual discomfort, while dirt and smudges can be easily seen on your lenses.

Crizal A2 multicoated lenses eliminate the 5 enemies of clear vision:

No water drops
With Crizal, water drops simply roll off your lenses, avoiding distortions caused by water.

No dust
With Crizal, after cleaning, your lenses remain dust free, avoiding blur.

No smudges
Crizal lenses smudge less than other coated lenses, providing you with sharper, clearer vision.

No reflections
Crizal lenses eliminate reflections and ghost images caused by artificial light, enhancing your visual comfort and aesthetics.

No scratches
Crizal lenses provide you with superior scratch resistance, protecting your lens at all times.

We at Bill Evans Optometrists have found Crizal A2 multicoating to be the best anti-reflective lens coating available at this time. It is available on a wide range of single vision, bifocal and multifocal spectalce lenses.