Eye Examinations

At Bill Evans Optometrists, we pride ourselves in the care we take during an eye examination. Your optometrist will tailor the consultation to your specific needs, meaning that every eye test is different. An examination begins with a case history in which we ascertain what areas of your vision could be improved, with special relevance to your visual tasks, work and hobbies. We ask relevant questions about your general health, your history of glasses or contact lenses, as well as any eye injuries, infections or surgery you may have had.

Your optometrist will then see how your vision is and ask you to read from a chart. Next we usually find out what your prescription is using a phoropter and trial lens frame. After that we perform a thorough external and internal examination of your eyes’ health, an intraocular pressure test and a visual field examination if required.

We offer digital fundus imaging with the Topcon Maestro 2 for 3D OCT imaging and fundus photography. There is an out of pocket fee for this.