Contacts Comment: ProActive Premium lenses

The ProVision branded ProActive Premium contact lenses are an excellent choice for people seeking a daily wear, two-week replacement disposable contact lens. ProActive Premium lenses are known as a silicone hydrogel lens. Silicone hydrogel materials give the comfort and clinical performance of conventional hydrogel lenses, which have been used in soft contact lenses since the 1970s, with silicone providing the added benefit of higher oxygen permeability. This means silicone hydrogels allow 3 to 4 times as much oxygen to pass through them than regular soft lenses, being much healthier for the eye.

The two drawbacks of earlier silicone lenses were that they were more rigid and less soft than hydrogels, and silicone is naturally water-repelling or hydrophobic. ProActive Premium lenses are around 30% softer than comparable lenses, and their polymer has a built-in wetting agent to become more water-attracting or hydrophillic, both of which give the lenses superior comfort.

ProActive Premium lenses also have a higher water content than comparable lenses, they have an aspheric design giving excellent vision, and feature a UV-blocker to help protect your eyes against the transmission of harmful UV radiation.

They are available now, and are now also available in a toric design for people with astigmatism. Ask us at Bill Evans Optometrists if ProActive Premium contact lenses would be suitable for your eyes.