What is the latest technology in progressive lenses?

The following was written by Bill Evans and published in the Coolum and North Shore News, Ask the Professionals page on Friday, 30th August 2013.

Q: What is the latest technology in progressive lenses?

A: Presbyopia is where the lens inside of the eye can no longer change shape to focus on reading print and other close objects; this affects most people from their forties and fifties onward. Many people with presbyopia prefer to have clear vision for distance as well as reading in the one pair of glasses, for this progressive lenses are an excellent choice.

The latest progressive lenses use free form technology. Free form progressive lenses are custom made for an individual’s prescription, using a computer to optimize every point on the lens down to one-tenth of a micron. This means the wearer gets a wider field of vision for distance, intermediate and reading, as well sharper vision and greatly improved contrast over conventional progressives. Lenses with free form technology include Essilor’s Varilux Physio 360 and the Carl Zeiss Superb. If you wear progressive lenses and want the clearest vision make sure your next lenses use free form technology.