What happens in an eye examination?

The following was written by Bill Evans and published in the Coolum and North Shore News, Ask the Professionals page on Friday, 24th June 2011.

Q: What happens in an eye examination?

A: Every eye examination is different in that your optometrist will tailor the consultation to your specific needs. Your optometrist will start by asking you if you have any main concerns, and delve into that a little more, along with general questions about your health and history. They will then see how your vision is and ask you to read from a chart. Next your optometrist will usually find out what your prescription is using a device called a phoropter, and check this with a special pair of frames that take interchangeable lenses. Normally they would then examine the inside of the eye, retina at the back of eye, and front of the eye to ensure they are healthy. Near the end of the examination your optometrist will often check the pressure of your eye, before discussing with you if spectacles, contact lenses or other options would be appropriate. This basic routine may be altered or other tests may be performed if required.